6 Romantic Ideas to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is special and there are diverse romantic ideas to celebrate it. Despite the challenges you have faced as a couple, you would possibly look back to the day you got married as one of the most important days of your lives and celebrate it yearly.

To remove monotony in the way you celebrate that special day, rekindle your undying love for each other, below are five romantic ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Be surprising with amazing gifts

Buy your spouse a special themed anniversary gift that reflects the number of years you are celebrating. According to tradition, the theme for the 7th year wedding anniversary is Wool. Buy your spouse cashmere jumpers and a soft negligee. Add a romantic note to express your love for each other.

Buy a bouquet and create a surprising trail of single flowers all over your home with a special love note for your spouse to discover with the final flower containing the gift of a romantic sauna bath in a 7-star hotel.

What are the meanings of each wedding year?

Cotoon flower

A symbolic way to celebrate your wedding anniversary is to follow the tradition of giving each other a specific gift that matches the year being celebrated. For example

  • the first anniversary is symbolized by paper showing how time flies
  • the second year is represented by cotton and the third year leather
  • gold for the 50th anniversary

If you live to celebrate your 70th anniversary, your marriage is rare and invaluable.

Relive a second honeymoon

Recall the second honeymoon with your spouse and recreate the events to each other.

Recollect the restaurant’s delicious food and wine, your family and friends; chatting with visitors, popping champagne, and watching your wedding photo album. Relive the joy you felt.

Relive your first date


Remember your first date with your spouse and how you met, the conversation that led to the conclusion that both of you were meant for each other.

Relive how you strolled through the park, the romantic movie you saw together, the ice cream stand, and spend your latest wedding anniversary replaying those events.

Do something you have never done together

Spice up your lives by skydiving or taking a trip on a ship for two days with your spouse to visit a special place in that foreign country alone. You can eat that delicious food’ you in that pricey restaurant of your dreams.

Furthermore, you can create a memento of your anniversary by employing the best photographer in your town to take pictures of you and your spouse. Capture exciting moments showing your undying love for each other and display them in your home.

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