How to React When he Distances Himself from You?

It could get frustrating when your partner distances himself from you. At that point, you may tend to ask yourself where you went wrong, especially if you went from talking every day to almost not talking at all. Your reaction when this happens matters. A bad reaction can ruin your relationship or make things worse.

The worst reaction to have when he starts to pull away from you

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When your man gets distant, it is common to make mistakes and give terrible reactions. These are the worst reaction to have and things you should avoid doing.

1. Smothering him

If your partner is pulling away, the worst thing to ever do is to stalk him and force him to communicate with you. Doing this will make you come off needy and only make him want more distance.

2. Bribing him

Another popular but terrible reaction is to bribe your distant partner with gifts. Giving gifts at this point can bruise his ego or make him uncomfortable. Buying him things or forcing him on romantic dates will not help the situation.

3. Pick a fight

Although you are affected by his attitude, picking a fight is a bad reaction. Do not confront him angrily about his behavior. Creating a fight or argument about his attitude can easily backfire and make you come off as selfish.

The reaction to adopt to turn the situation to your advantage

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Instead of smothering him with affections or having worse reactions, do these things:

1. Talk to him

Have a simple and calm conversation with him about his recent attitude towards you. Discuss how you noticed a change of enthusiasm in him. Try as much as possible to avoid making it into a fight or about yourself. Instead, reassure him that you’re there for him, and he can talk to you.

2. Give him Space

If he still distances himself from you, then you need to give him that some space. Treat yourself, go out with your friends and have fun. If he truly cares about you, it won’t be long before he starts trying to reach you. You will be able to turn the situation to your advantage.

Just so you know, when things get back to normal, you need to take some well-thought steps to reduce the possibility of it happening again. Spice up your relationship with new creative e things that match your taste, try not to be too possessive of him, and ensure that communication is mutual and not a one-way thing.

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